What are you planting?

What are you planting?

It’s almost officially spring and I believe gardening is good for the soul whether metaphorically or actually digging in the dirt.  I love seeing all the new blooms this time of year as well as when you plant seeds of love and kindness and see them bloom into much bigger things.  There are so many cruel folks in this world I’d rather be kind.  

This spring I’ve decided to toss some of my old seeds I found packed away in the yard to attract more birds, bees and butterflies. It’s rewarding to see the sprouts and blooms.  The picture above is from my yard and I’m so pleased with its showing this spring!

I need ideas for easy to grow and maintain veggies to plant next, I’ve only been successful with jalapeños and cherry tomatoes. Those tomato worms get the best of me every year!!  This is Cali I should have no problem growing anything but I do.  What are you growing?


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