It’s almost officially spring and I believe gardening is good for the soul whether metaphorically or actually digging in the dirt.  I love seeing all the new blooms this time of year as well as when you plant seeds of love and kindness and see them bloom into much bigger things.  There are so many cruel folks in this world I’d rather be kind.   This spring I’ve decided to toss some of my old seeds I found packed away in the yard to attract more birds, bees and butterflies. It’s rewarding to see the sprouts and blooms.  The picture above is from my yardRead More →

This weekend I’ve got two fun recipes for you and some good freebie sites to follow!  Don’t miss out.  I’m still learning but its so fun!  Happy Wednesday and thank you so much for being here with me!Read More →

Hello y’all!!  I’m still under construction!  Slowly but surely I will figure this out and look dynamite!  At this point the blogging is the easy part!  This was a big step for me and the excitement is UNREAL!  Over the next few weeks I’ll be transitioning from my old blogger page to my new site over here.  ALL me! For a minute there I almost said goodbye to my blogging days which I realize now would have been a huge mistake.  I want to LOVE what I do and this is something I love.  I look forward to many happy days ahead here!  And yes I’mRead More →